Volleyball Practice Outline

Here is a very simple, one-hour practice outline that would work great for all ages.

  • 15 Minutes:  Partner drills*
  • 2-minute drink break
  • 15 minutes:  Individual Drills**
  • 2-minute drink break
  • 15 Minutes:  Team Drills***
  • 2-minute drink break
  • 10 minutes:  Game-type Scrimmage****

*Partner drills

As players arrive at practice, have them get with a partner and set/bump the ball back and forth.  If there are an odd number of players, have one group have three players or have a player hit against a wall.

**Individual drills

Work on proper serving techniques, bumping, setting, digging, etc.  Focus more on technique rather than result (ie. it’s more important that a child serve using the proper technique and hit it out of bounds than to hit it over the net using improper technique).

***Team drills

If your team is able to, work on bump-set-spike drills.  Work on passing, shifting, covering, etc.

****Game-type Scrimmage

Run a game-type scrimmage if you have enough players.  This will prepare them for game time.