Many of you are anxious to get the teams organized and commence with practices.  We are working on the rosters right now and are closing out age divisions that are full.  For divisions we are closing out tonight, we will start forming those teams immediately.  For divisions still open, we will formulate teams this weekend.

We will email you your team and coach’s contact info.  Coaches will receive their entire roster and will contact you to let you know about practices.

Here are the division statuses:

If you know of anyone in the 7-12 age range that may be interested in joining our league, please spread the word!

Dual Sports Groupings:

We are arranging the schedule so that some players can play two sports at an extreme discount.  Here is what we are allowing:

If your child is interested in any of the above, please contact us asap.


Here are the current coaches.  We need more coaches so please contact us if you are able to help out!

Flag Football





Thanks everyone.  We’ll keep you updated with team rosters as we create them.  Please remember to let us know if you can coach or if your child is interested in playing two sports.

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  1. Would the games overlap if my 8 year old played basketball and flag football? Can I choose who his coach would be? And how many ch of a discount would I get? Thanks Amy Winward

  2. Do you still need 12yr soccer? My daughter is interested but it will have to work around her school soccer schedule if that’s OK. Thank you for your time.

  3. I still don’t have a roster. I am sick and my husband works very long days so it would be nice to know when practice is. His friend received an email but I haven’t for Mason Carter

  4. Hi we register our daughter (9)for soccer & son (7)for baseball last week and we only heard from one coach for baseball and we haven’t yet heard from soccer coach?
    Edward & EleanorGarcia Family

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