Soccer Rules


  1. Shin guards are mandatory
  2. MYS Jersey must be worn
  3. No metal cleats
  4. No watches or jewelry
  5. No hats
  6. Athletic shorts must be worn (no jeans or cargo shorts)


  1. Only the head coach is allowed on the field with the players
  2. Coach must stay far away in order to not get in the way of the game.
  3. Good sportsmanship is a must
  4. Only registered players may play
  5. A coach or parent must stay with the players that are not in the game.  They must be at least 3ft away from the boundary


  1. Ages 3-6 – Soccer ball size 3
  2. Ages 7-9 – Soccer ball size 4
  3. Ages 9-12 – Soccer ball size 5


  1. Games have two 20-minute halves.  There is a 5 minute halftime in between the halves.
  2. Games end 50 minutes after the scheduled start time.
  3. Unless a referee is provided, coaches will referee games.  They will be provided whistles.
  4. Games start with a kickoff by the visiting team.
  5. Number of players fielded can be adjusted by coaches if a different number is agreed upon before each game.  Here are the standard numbers, though:
    1. 3-4 age divisions:  7 on 7
    2. 5-6 age division:  7 on 7
    3. 7-9 age division:  7 on 7
    4. 9-12 age division:  5 on 5
  6. No sliding whatsoever.  The ground is hard.
  7. Substitutions allowed during dead balls
  8. Coaches will referee.  A coach will be assigned for each game
  9. Offsides will not be called
  10. Free kicks are awarded