Soccer practice outline

Here is a very simple, one-hour practice outline that would work great for all ages.

  • 15 Minutes:  Circular Warmups*
  • 5 minute drink break
  • 15 minutes:  Skills & Drills**
  • 5 minute drink break
  • 20 minutes:  Game-type Scrimmage***
  • Huddle, do a cheer and dismiss

*Circular Warmups

Place a soccer goal on both ends of your practice field.  Make sure to make them far apart to allow for lots of running.  Have a goalie at each goal (a coach or parent for the younger age groups to start).  Have all the other children dribble and shoot from one goal to the other in a counter-clockwise direction (similar to the flow or an ice skating rink).  If they score, the goalie will kick their ball in the direction of the flow so the player can continue on to the next goal.  This is repeated over and over for 15-20 minutes.  You should change out goalies every few minutes.  Coaches and parents should watch and correct technique during this drill.

**Skills & Drills

Use this time to work on age-appropriate drills.  This could include passing the ball, dribbling, shooting, defending, etc.  Here is a great video resource for drills:

***Game-type Scrimmage

Divide your team into two even groups.  Assign goalies, defenders, etc.  Have a parent “coach” each team while you act as referee.  Run a scrimmage exactly as the Saturday games would be played (throw-ins, corner kicks, etc).  Get excited when someone scores or does something awesome.  If you run scrimmages at every practice, the kids will be ready when their first game arrives.