Flag football sample practice outline

Here is a very simple, one-hour practice outline that would work great for all ages.

  • 15 Minutes:  Receiver routes, QB passing*
  • 5 minute drink break
  • 15 minutes:  Flag pulling, Ball running**
  • 5 minute drink break
  • 15 minutes:  Playbooks, Game-type Scrimmage***
  • 5 minutes:  Sharks and Minnows***
  • Huddle, do a cheer and dismiss

*Receiver routes, QB passing

Work on catching and passing first because you will not be able to work on this when the sun goes down toward the end of practice.  Team your receivers your route tree (if you have one).  Make sure they know the name of each route and know how to run it.  Work on throwing technique with your quarterbacks.  Have them throw to the receivers running the routes.

**Flag pulling, Ball running

Teach your defenders to stay in front of the runner and try to pull both flags.  Teach your ball carriers to juke and spin to avoid a flag pull.  There is no hurdling or jumping in this league.  They must stay on their feet.  Here is a drill that will work on both drills:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNGedpcjMU0

***Playbooks, Game-type Scrimmage

Divide your team into two teams.  If you have assistant coaches, have them help on defense or offense while  you work on the other.  Teach your playbook and test the plays during the scrimmage.  Make corrections during the scrimmage.  Get excited when someone scores or does something awesome.  If you run scrimmages at every practice, the kids will be ready when their first game arrives.