Fall season registration runs from September to December with early registration opening up in June.  We run all sports in fall as the weather cools down during the duration of the season.  We typically have 2,000+ players registered with Mesa Youth Sports in fall which allows for plenty of teams to play and a very fun experience!


  • $70-$75 – Early registration
  • $80-$85 – Registration
  • $90-$95 – Late registration

Game locations

  • Taylor Jr High (central, north and west Mesa)
  • Brimhall Jr. High (central Mesa – baseball/softball only)
  • Desert Ridge Jr. High (East Mesa)
  • Gateway Polytechnic Academy (Southeast Mesa)

Sports offered

All teams (except Girl’s Softball) are co-ed.  *Please use your child’s age on  August 31, 2022*


  • Soccer – 3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9*, 10-12*
  • Flag Football – 5-6*, 7-8*, 9-10*, 11-12*, 13-14*
  • Volleyball – 7-9*, 10-11*, 12-14*
  • Basketball – 4-5, 6-7, 8-9*, 10-11*, 12-13*
  • Baseball – 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12
  • Girls Softball – 7-9, 10-12

*This age division participates in a tournament*

Volunteer coaching

We are always looking for new parent coaches! Please consider volunteering to coach your child’s team!

  • 50% off one child’s registration
  • Free coaches shirt
  • The league will provide some equipment for some sports for practice
  • Sample practices and playbooks are available to all coaches
  • Coach clinic before the season


  • Coaches are parent volunteers – Practice times and locations are arranged at the coach’s discretion. 
  • Practices are generally held outside during the weekday evenings.
  • *AZYS does not provide teams with practice locations. Players are required to supply their own ball; i.e., soccer ball, volleyball, basketball etc.

parent responsibilities

Team Shirts are provided to all players.  Hats are provided to Baseball/Softball only.  Please view the rules for the appropriate sized ball needed for your player.


  • Soccer – shin guards, shorts, shoes, soccer ball.
    • Cleats and soccer socks are optional.
  • Flag Football – mouthguard required, pants/shorts, shoes, football.
    • Cleats are optional.
  • Volleyball – knee pads, black shorts, shoes, volleyball.
  • Basketball – mouthguard recommended, shoes, shorts, basketball.
  • Baseball – pants/shorts, shoes, glove, batting helmet.
    • Bat and balls are optional.
  • Girls Softball – pants/shorts, shoes, glove, batting helmet.
    • Bat and balls are optional.

Important requirements!