Photo schedule

Here is the photo schedule for this weekend.  If you don’t have an order form, we will have some at the photo location.  We can also email an image to you so you know what the packages are. Your pictures are at the same location as your game!  Scroll down to see all locations.   […]

Roster and practice update

Parents and coaches, We have started to email coaches their rosters.  Every coach should have his/her roster by the end of the day.  You should hear from your coach today or tomorrow.  Practices begin this week. Thanks!

Flag football correction

We mistakenly put down that the 6-7 flag football division was full.  There are still 5 spaces available.  Sorry!

Spring Update

Parents, Many of you are anxious to get the teams organized and commence with practices.  We are working on the rosters right now and are closing out age divisions that are full.  For divisions we are closing out tonight, we will start forming those teams immediately.  For divisions still open, we will formulate teams this […]

New registration deadlines for specific age groups

This was scheduled to be the last week for registrations.  However, since we have some age groupings in certain sports that still have space, we are leaving regular registration for them till March 5.  All full age groups will close on Monday February 29th.  We will allow late registrations for the closed age groups for […]

Registration Deadline Extended

The Spring registration deadline has been extended to March 5th instead of February 28th.  Late registration will be moved to March 6 – March 11 for age division that aren’t full.

Fall Sports Rosters

We have put the roster links up.  Because registration is open until October 3, rosters won’t be finalized till then.  We are showing the rosters early so you can let us know if there is an issue with where you are placed.  We will update it every few days so return back regularly. Remember that […]

Game Schedules

Gilbert Public Schools finally gave us the approved gym times on Friday and we are releasing the game schedules today.  They will be online 1pm and we will also post them on facebook and twitter. Thanks!  

Rosters coming out this friday!

Parents, We are finalizing rosters for basketball and volleyball and will send them out this Friday.  These will not be the final rosters as registration is open until the 15th.  The rosters will mainly be up to show who has been placed on a team and who hasn’t. There is only a week left to […]

Weekend Registration Fee Issues 

Many parents saw the normal registration fees when registering instead of the discounted fees.  Our apologies.  We didn’t realize that when we updated our software that we would lose all of the discounted pricing. Everything has been fixed and we have extended the $30 registration a few more days to compensate. You can register at […]