Basketball Practice Outline

Here is a very simple, one-hour practice outline that would work great for all ages.

  • 15 Minutes:  Warm up*
  • 2-minute drink break
  • 15 minutes:  Individual Drills**
  • 2-minute drink break
  • 15 Minutes:  Team Drills***
  • 2-minute drink break
  • 10 minutes:  Game-type Scrimmage****

*Warm up

Players will bring their own basketballs and immediately run circle warmups.  If you have a full court to practice on, they will lay the ball up with their right hand, rebound their own ball and then dribble down the right side of the court and perform a right-handed layup again at the other end.  After a few minutes, the coach will blow a whistle and the players will circle the opposite way and lay the ball up with their left hands.  After the next whistle, the players will continue circle drills but perform jump shots at a coach-designated point.

**Individual drills

Team your players individual drills such as dribbling the ball, shooting, passing and one-on-one defense.

***Team drills

Work on team defensive and offensive drills, schemes and techniques.  This includes screening, picking, zone defense, fast breaks, etc.

****Game-type Scrimmage

Run a game-type scrimmage if you have enough players.  This could be 4on4 or 5on5.  This will prepare them for game time.