Baseball & Tee ball Sample Practice Outline

Here is a very simple, one-hour practice outline that would work great for all ages.

  • 20 minutes: Stations*
  • 5 minute drink break
  • 15 minutes:  Stations*
  • 5 minute drink break
  • 20 minutes:  Game-type Scrimmage**
  • Huddle, do a cheer and dismiss


Create four or more stations and have a parent run a station.  Each station would work on a specific drill.  There should be very little standing around and waiting!  Have players rotate stations after every 5 minutes.  Take a drink break after 15 or 20 minutes.

Sample Stations

**Game-type Scrimmage

Divide your team into two even groups and run a live game.  This should be run as close to a real game situation as possible.  Get excited when someone scores or does something awesome.  If you run scrimmages at every practice, the kids will be ready when their first game arrives.